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It's time to start writing! 

Help is needed in many states this fall as we work to elect Democrats in the Senate and the House.  We'll be getting postcards to support various candidates and begin writing in July. 

Join us on Dia's driveway or pick them up and write at home. 

We're asking for donations to cover the cost of postage (postcard rate) and stickers.   $10 for 25 postcards.



TIME:  1 PM to 4 PM.  Come any time you can.  Drop by, write 25 cards, bedazzle, and join the conversation.  (Won't it be fun being with people who aren't in your quarantine pod again?)

LOCATION:  1050 Huckleberry Lane, Glenview

SET UP:  We'll be sitting outside on a large driveway, so can easily distance ourselves.  Bring your own mask (obviously), chair, a clipboard or table/TV tray to write on, your own pens, drinks, and snack. We've got stickers and flags to "bedazzle" your postcards.  Option to bring colored markers to add even more color. 

DONATION: $10 for 25 postcards.  Your donation will go for stamps and stickers.   You are welcome to take home cards to write on your own.  If you choose to buy your own stamps (postcard size), then you don't need to donate to us. Click here to arrange a pickup with Dia to write at home. 

THANK YOU:  A BIG thank you to Dia Morgan, who -- once again -- is coordinating this effort and offering her home for our postcard campaign.

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