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You Should Know: Illinois Gun Policy: 

Some of the Strictest Gun Laws in the Country

Gun and Ammunition Purchases

  • 72 hour waiting period

  • Background check and Firearm Owners Identification Card (FOID) required

  • FOID:

    • Issued by IL State Police

    • ISP enforces tracks and enforces revoked FOIDs

    • Renewed every 10 years

    • No prior felony convictions, orders of protection against them and recent history of serious mental health issues

    • 21 to purchase or possess firearm unless sponsored by eligible adult; in no case, under 18

  • Dealers must provide a gun lock (not private sellers)


Concealed Carry Allowed

  • Handguns only; nothing larger

  • No reciprocity from other states

  • Requires license

  • FOID card

  • Successful completion of 16 hours firearms training, including class and range instruction


Firearms Prohibited in Schools, Government Premises, Bars and most public places, regardless of license status

Equipment Bans

  • No sale, manufacture, purchase, possession or carry of any weapon from which more than one shot may be discharged by a single function of the trigger

  • No silencers

  • Bans on certain types of bullets

  • Assault rifles – no statewide ban; banned in Cook County, Chicago and other select municipalities

  • Ghost guns – untraceable, unregistered, no serial numbers


Red Flag Law

  • Temporary removal of guns and prevention of purchase of new guns by individuals who pose a significant risk of harm to themselves or others


New Legislation Signed 2022

  • Safe Gun Storage Awareness Campaign

  • Safe Gun Storage now allowed to be taught in schools

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