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We believe that being a good financial steward of tax money is a key role of a Village Trustee.  However, there have been several incidents recently that cause us to question whether the Trustees are  watching the bottom line. 


"Party-hearty" Glenview

First, we have all read the embarrassing news reports about the "party-hearty" environment in Glenview related to the Village’s spending and processing of expense reports.


Chicago Tribune, June 29, 2018

Chicago Tribune, July 12, 2018

Chicago Tribune, July 3, 2018


Most people, when they travel for company business, have their expense reports carefully monitored.  Don't include who was at a dinner?  It comes back to you.   If the expense was questionable, you get an email from the auditor or you have a conversation with your manager.   


We believe expense reports for a public entity like our Village warrant a higher level of scrutiny.  If elected, we pledge to bring more scrutiny on how the Village processes expense reports and bring up for discussion whether the Village should be paying for alcohol at its events. 

Fiscal transparency and accountability

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