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Since 2001, all Glenview Trustees have been selected by a small group of individuals who, every two years, form a new political party, select the next slate of candidates for the Village Board, and then get them elected to the Board with essentially no opposition--except an occasional write-in candidate or the lone opposition candidate in 2017.  Here's a list of Village Trustees since 2001 and their party affiliation. 

We believe that the voters in Glenview deserve more choices when they vote for Village Trustee.  Because of this, we created a new political party (The Better Government in Glenview Party) and slated three candidates to run for Village Trustee. 


All residents of Glenview will benefit from different voices and perspectives on the Village Board.  We are proud that our slate consists of two women and a tech entrepreneur millennial.   We pledge to listen to all residents and businesses in the Village and agree to disagree when needed to speak up about issues that impact  Glenview. 

Balanced representation with different perspectives on the Board

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